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Let Cen-Tex Roof Systems help you plan your next project, big or small, with our helpful advice and professional construction crews. A home remodel can completely transform your home visually, structurally, and functionally. Whether you’re gutting a home or simply making a few updates, you’ll want to know how to complete your job right.


Remodeling projects can involve plenty of planning, choosing and measuring materials, working with professionals, and lots of hands-on tasks. Good communication will help you get the results you want. While remodeling is a lot of work, improving your home is a worthwhile investment of your time and money, and the results are worth it, whether you’re gutting a bath or kitchen, installing new mechanical systems, updating trim work, completing an addition, or reworking your home’s layout.


Replacing your windows in Central Texas can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home and the overall comfort of your living space. With new, modern windows, you can reduce drafts and heat loss throughout winter, minimize the amount of solar radiation entering your home during summer, and lower your cooling costs year-round. Investing in replacement windows also provides better sound insulation from outdoor noise and improves the aesthetic appeal of any room.


No matter your location or budget, Cen-Tex Roof Systems has got you covered - call us today to find out how we can make replacing your windows an easy, hassle-free experience!

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